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Dancefloor Activist is a fitness company that promotes body positive messages and runs classes that are inclusive and fun.

Our ethos is to encourage everyone to be part of a community dedicated to being active, present and involved. We encourage people to take to the floor for all the benefits that moving the body can bring. We activate the dancefloor to get people moving, dancing, connecting and celebrating.

Dancefloor Activist is the creation of Matthew Blacklock, who originally trained as an actor, working in theatre, film and television. Matthew is also a presenter and teacher, creating and leading workshops for adults and young people. More…


“Matt really ensured the success of Ellie’s party on Sunday afternoon with his kind and co-operative involvement in the event. He understood, very quickly, the needs of the party goers who were young people with disabilities. By the end of the afternoon, students with complex learning difficulties and many who are normally very socially and physically inhibited were joining in and dancing happily. Matt has such talent as a dancer, but he is also a gifted and empathetic teacher. Ellie LOVED her 21st and will never forget such a joyful time.” — Heather Evans, Ellie’s Mum

“Thank you so much for performing and weaving your dance teaching magic so smoothly among our delighted guests. You were the highlight of the night for many. Thank you for being professional, uplifting and entertaining, inclusive, inviting and unfazed by all deliberate and accidental interruptions to your routine. We had an awesome Jersey-Boys style quartet singing 50’s medleys… the audience leapt to their feet and started dancing… improvised jive and all sorts… it was no doubt the magic you slipped into people’s toes.” — Vania Mills, fundraising event for Gladrags Costumes
“After my second child I needed physiotherapy to encourage my tummy muscles to come together again. I was then recommended to try pilates to further strengthen them. It has helped so much and there is almost no gap between my muscles now! I can’t recommend Matthew enough. He is so calming during the sessions, and is focused on each person in the class, and cares about each individual. Pilates with Matthew gave me back my core. I don’t think any other exercise would have had the same effect while being so enjoyable!” — Grace Thompson
“Matt’s Zumba class is a most joyful fun way of exercising.  My body and equally my mind get a good workout and I am learning to coordinate new movements and steps. The Zumba class focuses my mind away from daily tasks. And it is a lot of fun and laughter all around.” — Heike Roesel

Matthew’s blog

Stepping and shimmying from 2016 into 2017

I can’t believe that 2016 ­is almost over. What a year! I’m currently looking at iCalendar to remind myself of what I have been up to… Did I really start teaching Pilates just at the start of the year? It feels like such a big part of my life now, like I’ve been teaching it for years.

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Getting Yogafit and Peaceful in Ibiza

 I might be the Dancefloor Activist, but I wasn’t in Ibiza recently to get my rave on. I was there to get my yoga on.My dear friend and mentor Lindsay Jay invited me to spend the week at her Yogafit Retreat. I led classes, participated in others, and met lots of...

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Happy Feet, happy Matthew!

People have asked me what I do when I’m not running Zumba and Fitness Pilates classes in Brighton or teaching partner dance. The answer (as cheesy as it is): I dance a bit more.I’m co-director of the theatre company The Ragroof Players. And together we create...

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